Take advantage of both horizontal & vertical configurations for a complete, functional, total-body workout. Comes with two large cushioned seats and built in wheels for easy positioning. Tilt the RX2300 by 90 degrees to switch from vertical to horizontal configurations.
3,295.00 3295.0 USD
Horizontal rope trainer the RX2200 can be easily positioned or stowed away using built in wheels. Ideal for individual or group training environments. Use it while standing, sitting, kneeling or laying flat on large and sturdy cushioned seat.
2,695.00 2695.0 USD
Compact and easy to move or wheel into position the RX2000 floor unit can used for standing and sitting exercises. Designed to be used with or without a bench or inflatable exercise ball.
2,495.00 2495.0 USD
Get the added benefits of the endless rope rower with a multi-functional sliding seat. Perform rowing/pulling motions with an adjustable seat. Lock the seat in one of the 10 positions for arm specific routines or standing pull. Wheel it or flip it up for space saving storage.
3,895.00 3895.0 USD