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Combination of ergonomic, natural, and functional movements with benefits of low-impact weight-bearing incline training & endless rope pulling. This machine simulates climbing in a safe environment of your training facility at the gym, home or garage. Multiple incline angle adjustments from 50 to 60 degrees for a truly "one of a kind" experience.
7,795.00 7795.0 USD
Multi-angle endless climbing tread, with space efficient design and rotating base wheels for easy position. Combine this machine with one of our attachable endless rope trainers such as the RX2100 for a full body training experience. Chosen by the military as well as many Fire and Police departments for intense & effective training.
5,695.00 5695.0 USD
Smooth and quiet Magnetic resistance endless rope machine with Progressive Resistance and multiple accessory options. Attach to walls, racks and other framing. Multiple accessories available.
1,875.00 1875.0 USD
Unique design integrates a sliding and two drums located on opposite ends and assisted incline adjustment for various difficulty modes. The RX3300 seamlessly integrates lower and upper body functional movement to maximize efficiency and fun!
5,295.00 5295.0 USD
Ultra-duty endless rope rigs were originally designed for the SPARTAN challenges. This design proved to be functional, reliable and "torturous" at its initial introduction at the 2018 SPARTAN DEATH RACE, accurately tracking competitors as they pulled 30,000 feet to victory.
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This station can take any circuit training routine and make it exciting. From stretching to ENDLESS ROPE TRAINING & weightlifting this setup will exceed expectations.
7,500.00 7500.0 USD
Maximize your floor space with our stand alone Tower for group and personal training. Utilizing STACKTRAX quick-release and portable attachments to create endless exercise versatility & modalities by changing the connecting anchor points.

RX90 features anchor points on all 4 sides and it is designed to be anchored directly to the concrete or reinforced flooring.
2,200.00 2200.0 USD
ROPEFLEX is proud to offer an additional climber option to our family of USA made functional equipment. VersaClimber is recognized worldwide for its reputation as the machine that burns calories 160% faster than other leading cardio modalities running, steppers, spin bikes and ellipticals.

There are 4 models to choose from:

H-BL | H-TS for the home
SM-M | TS-M for home and commercial installations
1,895.00 1895.0 USD
Take advantage of both horizontal & vertical configurations for a complete, functional, total-body workout. Comes with two large cushioned seats and built in wheels for easy positioning. Tilt the RX2300 by 90 degrees to switch from vertical to horizontal configurations.
3,295.00 3295.0 USD
Horizontal rope trainer the RX2200 can be easily positioned or stowed away using built in wheels. Ideal for individual or group training environments. Use it while standing, sitting, kneeling or laying flat on large and sturdy cushioned seat.
2,695.00 2695.0 USD
Compact and easy to move or wheel into position the RX2000 floor unit can used for standing and sitting exercises. Designed to be used with or without a bench or inflatable exercise ball.
2,495.00 2495.0 USD
Get the added benefits of the endless rope rower with a multi-functional sliding seat. Perform rowing/pulling motions with an adjustable seat. Lock the seat in one of the 10 positions for arm specific routines or standing pull. Wheel it or flip it up for space saving storage.
3,895.00 3895.0 USD
Vertical endless rope trainer with adjustable pulley system for horizontal, bottom-up pulls, removable seat and ADA compliance. Get the benefits of both aerobic and anaerobic training. Engage all of the body's muscle groups, while keeping feet firmly and safely planted on the ground.
4,195.00 4195.0 USD
The benefits of the RX2500 combined in a DUAL-STATION space efficient design. The RX2500 series of endless rope trainers delivers efficiency, flexibility, robustness and value required by today's commercial and home gyms. HIPERVISION training system comes standard.
7,995.00 7995.0 USD
Simultaneously accommodate 3 users on the 360-degree access TRI-STATION endless rope trainer. The RX2500 series of endless rope trainers delivers efficiency, flexibility, robustness and value required by today's commercial and home gyms. RX2500-T Comes standard with HIPERVISION training system.
10,995.00 10995.0 USD
The all-weather trainer for applications as diverse as military training camps, and open-air instructional & exercise facilities. Take the workout outdoors! With special coating and sealed mechanism this unit is protected from the elements delivering years of maintenance-free operation.
5,295.00 5295.0 USD
Friction based endless rope training drum with flexible anchoring options. Attach to walls, racks, wooden or metal studs and more. Available as adjustable height station on the RX1500 stand.
575.00 575.0 USD
RX505 Rail installation only kit. Enables installation of the RX505 with rail adapter on walls (through studs), doors, concrete and brick surfaces.
Kit includes:
1. 12 Position Stainless Steel Rail 77 inches long
2. RX505 rail adapter plate with pull pin
3. Rail install extensions with hardware
Note: RX505 must be purchased separately
350.00 350.0 USD
Unbeatable simplicity, proven reliability, and phenomenal value. The RX1500 endless rope station combines up to two RX505 friction infinity rope drums on independent adjustable stainless steel posts.
1,595.00 1595.0 USD
Bar strap for the ROPEFLEX RX505 enable easy, fast and secure installation on bars up to 2 inches in diameter.

Easily slide RX505 from center of the pull-up bar or from side to without disconnecting

Lockable carabiner allows for fast mount and dismount of the RX505
45.00 45.0 USD