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 Why ROPEFLEX can maximize ROI 

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When it comes to training modalities, rope pulling is a powerhouse. Formerly a regimen for athletes, military personnel and first responders, it has exploded over the past 15 years among exercisers, youth, active agers and those undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation. In addition to accommodating all fitness levels, this time-tested multitasker delivers total-body cardio and strength functional exercise; HIIT; speed and power training; and stability, balance and coordination work.

With this abundance of advantages, plus exceptional efficiency and effectiveness, rope training is essential for anyone that wants to improve their fitness. That means gyms, studios, athletic training centers, schools/universities and PT and rehab facilities must be equipped with this increasingly popular modality. By partnering with ROPEFLEX, businesses and clientele benefit big-time.


Since 2008, ROPEFLEX has built the rope trainer category from an entrepreneurial vision and engineering expertise in a garage to its commanding position today. The team pioneered and patented progressive resistance using a rotational magnetic drum to deliver virtually infinite resistance, yield the smoothest motion and eliminate the need for belts, chains, gears and motors that tend to break. But that was just the beginning.

RX2100 with DSS attached to rack upright



The first company to create the attachable endless rope, ROPEFLEX is fueled by curiosity and ingenuity, resulting in ideation and validation. It is always seeking ways to innovate, improve and expand the landscape to enhance the exercise experience.

Among its newest innovations is the patent-pending Multi-Level Dual Action Technology, which incorporates varied resistance without the need to adjust manual levels or dials. By simply changing the pulling direction and reversing the direction of the drum, users can activate either the cardio or strength mode in which the progressive resistance automatically adjusts from five to 300 pounds based on the pull acceleration.

DSS innovation - pull direction changes resistance

Integral to this technology are the one-of-a-kind Dual-Speed-Strength (DSS) drums, which facilitate lighter resistance for cardio and heavier resistance for strength work, provide a smoother pulling experience and operate nearly silently.


Highly regarded for their smooth, quiet motion; bidirectional resistance; and zero inertia, ROPEFLEX products are precisely designed to accommodate a wide range of needs, floor space and budgets. From the premium RX4400 Spartan Tread Climber (one of the most popular models), to the compact and transportable RX2000, to the simple RX505 that can be added onto a rack, beam or upright, multiple options are available at affordable price points – all backed by a generous commercial warranty.

RX4400 Spartan Climber at 60 degree incline

Users can perform virtually unlimited exercises incorporating functional movement patterns – including squats, lunges, hinges, pushing, pulling and rotation – to build muscular strength and endurance, along with cardio to boost stamina.


ROPEFLEX was founded with a proud commitment to manufacturing entirely in the United States using the highest quality materials and components. Steel frame designs are simple, robust and space-efficient, coated with special primer to ensure long, rust-free operation. Outdoor units are fully sealed using stainless steel and anodized aluminum components for weatherproofing.

Ropes are crafted with the highest grade of polyester and hand stitched and custom weaved into endless loops for a seamless, ultra-durable design. The outer core provides a superior grip, and the inner core delivers outstanding strength.

In fact, the original ropes on the first ROPEFLEX products are still in use today after 15 years!


Virtually indestructible, ROPEFLEX products are also maintenance-free. It’s simple to keep them clean by wiping the surfaces with a towel or micro-cloth and a cleaning agent that neutralizes bacteria and germs. (Do not use bleach, as it may weaken rope fibers.)

Spray the cleaning solution directly onto rope and drum with cleaning cloth behind. To clean the entire length of the rope, start wiping at the splice, where two rope ends are joined in a loop. Advance the rope until you come back to the joint.

The rope also can be easily removed and washed in a bathtub or a washing machine. Coil the rope and place it in a mesh laundry bag for machine wash cycles. Don’t use laundry detergent, but add a small amount of fabric softener if desired.

Wipe the drum, drum side plates and frame as well to remove dust and dirt.

RX505 with adjustable J-Hook adapter


Satisfying millions worldwide for more than 15 years, ROPEFLEX counts among its raving fans:

  • United States military and international armed forces
  • Olympic athletes (2021 Winter Games in China)
  • Professional and collegiate athletes (Green Bay Packers, Xavier University and more)
  • Recreational and competitive athletes (Spartan races)
  • Competitive wrestlers and MMA, karate, judo and jujitsu athletes
  • Celebrity personal trainers (Gunnar Peterson)
  • Leading gyms around the world: Life Time, Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Smart Fit and specialty studios
  • Five-star hotels (Marina Bay Sands in Singapore)


Don’t compromise on your training tools. Ever. Prioritize performance and reap results with ROPEFLEX.

RX2500 with Hipervision at Xavier University men’s basketball training facility

RX90 TOWER - The Pinnacle of Group Training