hand-crafted jump ropes

Our hand-made ropes are of the highest quality polyester material, same material we use on our endless rope trainers. Proudly made from start to finish at our California factory we hand stitch our ropes and pre-condition them for long-life using our proprietary process. In addition to rope color, weight and length choices we can incorporate custom logos on genuine leather handles and protective sheaths.

XLR41 jump rope is the first of its kind, incorporating SURE-GRIP shaped handles that seamlessly integrate into the rope body. At 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms) it will quickly engage your upper and lower body muscles.

With genuine leather stitched around the ends the XLR40 braided 4-pound (1.8 kilogram) rope can also be configured with our MAG-GRIP handles that can stick to any magnetic surface for easy and convenient storage.

At 2.5 pounds (1.1 kilograms) XR25 jump rope incorporates genuine leather around the grip ends and optional magnetic MAG-GRIP handles to easily hang it on any steel upright rack post.

SR10SPEED jump rope is light, durable and comfortable with flexible stitched handles. Great for double-unders and quick sprints. Mix it up with our heavier ropes for a complete cardio and strength workout.

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