Every person wants change at some point in his or her life and your fitness routine is no exception.

You can’t lift the same weights or run on a treadmill every day. Your body is designed to entertain change. Not spicing things up will not only bore you, but it will allow your body to get used to the conditions you put it through too.

You need to start shocking your muscles differently.

Rope training, although not very common among fitness athletes, is a super effective, conditioning workout that works maximum muscle groups of the body. Many athletes add rope training into their routine because they’re so bored with their mundane regimen or they have just stopped seeing results.

Rope training is different, versatile and challenging.

The constant motion involved in rope training will not only increase your power, strength and endurance but it will give you an aerobic workout like no other cardio routine and tone your muscles. You’ll be sweating and your heart rate will be up almost immediately after you start.

It’s grueling but it’s not complicated either.

Rope training with ROPEFLEX is simple. The equipment is designed to function due to the magnetic action within them. You just have to get in, train on the machine and get out.

The workouts are fast!

If you’re like most people, you don’t have much time to spend exercising. Therefore, you’ll have to make maximum use of the time you have allocated every day for fitness. Instead of performing the same number of reps every day with the same old equipment, focus on change. Increase your number of reps, lift heavier weights, change up your equipment and machinery from time to time and make your body crave for more.  Sometimes you’re only going to have 15-20 minutes max. to workout so design a power-packed HIIT routine with a set of quick and intense workouts – rope training can be one of them because why not?

Melt fat and build muscle

If you’re going to incorporate rope training into your HIIT routine you’re going to torch a lot of calories. Half an hour and you’d have burnt about 300 to 500 calories. You won’t get this luxury from a leisurely workout, such as walk. Walking outdoors is awesome but it’s also low-impact. Read more about its benefits here.

Rope training involves fast movements and you work more muscles at the same time. You’re working your arms, your shoulders, your abs and legs and you can throw in some lower body exercises such as weighted squats and lunges and add in other cardio exercises such as jump rope and jumping jacks to wrap things up.

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