Starting from very humble beginnings in a garage, with a pencil, cup of tea and a computer, ROPEFLEX was launched in August of 2008. Domestically engineering and manufacturing innovative, robust and functional fitness equipment has always been our number one goal. Today our facility is located in San Carlos, CA, where we design, test and build our complete line of products. We wanted to take the time in this article to address a few of the most common questions that we receive from our customers. These include:

**What is your Hipervision Program and how can my members benefit from using it?

**My space is limited. What are some good options for compact, full workout machines?

** Why is Progressive Resistance different and better than other units on the market?

** What type of exercises can be performed using a ROPEFLEX machine that will benefit our program?


Hipervision: This program is a proprietary fitness app designed by ROPEFLEX. To this day, no other company or line of Rope Pulling Machines has offered anything like it. We start by inserting a Bluetooth Module into the drum of the machine (any of our 9 different designs). Once installed and set up on location, you and any of your clients or members can download the app for FREE on the Apple App Store. We do not charge for the app itself, so an unlimited number of users can download it.

The Hipervision app was specifically designed as a training aid for single and group workouts. In a group with multiple units set up, users can race and contend against each other in a competitive environment. The app is great for Athletic Programs, Trainers, Functional or Circuit Training classes and individual users.

The app is fully customizable for its users. For instance, you can set a certain goal on the app to pull a specific length or time. It will then also provide a graph illustrating the process made toward that goal. Track your individual workout and your workout over time. This program is a MUST have in any environment. Plus it is VERY AFFORDABLE! 


FLOOR SPACE: The 9 plus units in our ROPEFLEX product line give you many different options to work around space and budget concerns.

The RX2100 is a drum unit that fits on nearly any upright post, cross beam, wall or ceiling. It is a great way to utilize that DEAD SPACE in your room or building and make it the NEW HOT FITNESS ZONE.  Add the New Adjustable Pulley for any upright post for FULL BODY horizontal and diagonal pulls.

“For our two gyms, we just installed three units. One on a Rig and two on the wall. We love the ROPEFLEX RX2100, it took no extra space while adding a whole new dynamic to our group workouts, individual training sessions and physical therapy programs. Our youth programs are also enjoying the new equipment. The ROPEFLEX was a great investment!” - Melisa Johnson, MFIT Gyms, NJ

RX2500 is our FULL BODY Station which takes up very little space on the floor, even less than a treadmill.  The dual version is great for a corner station, and the Tri set-up is excellent for larger groups. 

RX2200 and RX3200 are basically a rower design. RX2200 is fixed seat position while the RX3200 is a sliding or fixed seat unit. One can do all sitting exercises using either one or two arms. Furthermore, one can perform other exercises, such as kneeling on the seat for biceps and triceps exercises or standing up for squats and semi squat pulls, only to name a few. The two machines are very versatile and come in a small package. 

RX2000 and RX2300 are, in addition, great units for the house, such as in a spare bedroom or a studio. These two machines provide a wide range of sitting, kneeling, and standing pulls to workout nearly all of the muscle groups.

PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE: This is ROPEFLEX’s ace in the hole. Our design intuitively adjusts the resistance to become harder or easier depending upon your pulling speed and intensity. No time is wasted having to adjust a lever or trying to find the right resistance level, as other machines require. Using our resistance systems means that from the start of the pulling exercise to the exhausted finish, it will maintain the resistance right for YOU.

WHAT EXERCISES CAN I DO:  This is the million-dollar question, since you are making a purchase to create a new station or add to an existing program. The RX2100, combined with the adjustable pulley system and our RX2500 stand along station, allows a TRULY unlimited amount of potential exercises. If one thinks of this more as a Strength and Cardio set-up along the lines of a FUNCTIONAL cable system, you would be on the right track. Perform pulls from the upper, middle and lower pulling positions for a FULL BODY WORKOUT. You can do squats pulling from the upper drum downward, or from the lower pulley position and pull upwards, to work both your arms and legs. Perform sitting or standing one or two-handed pulls to focus on biceps, triceps, shoulders and back muscles. Use a FID bench for amazing abdominal crunch pulls. Do lunges or side steps while pulling to focus on legs. The list of exercises to perform goes on. With no defined plane of motion, your imagination is the only limit to the many fun and exciting exercises possible.

ROPEFLEX connects with its audience via Instagram, Facebook and Youtube (@RopeFlex on all platforms) where we post photos and videos of our equipment in action, as well as news and updates.  

Our free online training classes connect ROPEFLEX users with professional instructors with helpful tips and unique techniques that seamlessly integrate rope training into any workout routine. Additional information and online class schedule can be found at ROPEFLEX.COM/events.