Dual action technology for the next lever of training

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New Dual Action Technology for Speed, Strength, Cardio and Rehab

For the past 15 years, ROPEFLEX equipment has been chosen as a key training tool by the United States military and international armed forces due to its effectiveness, reliability, value and 100 percent domestic production.

Since 2008, the company has engineered and designed commercial rope pulling machines to enable the military, athletes, and individuals to reap the multitude of benefits of this classic functional exercise. ROPEFLEX is dedicated to continually innovating and improving its growing product lineup to support this increasingly popular workout category. 

New this year, ROPEFLEX is releasing its patent-pending Multi-Level Dual Action Technology, which incorporates an additional level of resistance adjustment without the need for manual levers, buttons, or cords. By simply changing the pulling direction, users can activate SPEED or STRENGTH modes, and progressive resistance will further auto-adjust the intensity based on the pull acceleration. This delivers a more seamless, efficient and customized training experience.

Plus, new Dual-Speed-Strength (DSS) drums provide a smoother pulling experience,  improved resistance levels and nearly silent operation.

Benefits of ROPEFLEX Technology

Without using complicated gearing, pulleys, belts or chains to create resistance, ROPEFLEX magnetic technology is always smooth, without ratcheting or excessive noise – and no maintenance is necessary. The ropes are supple and easy on hands, while providing superior grip and long lasting performance. In fact, most of the company’s machines are still operating using the original 15-year old ropes.

ROPEFLEX’s progressive resistance can help exercisers safely and effectively improve grip strength, range of motion and cardiovascular endurance, which makes these products smart additions to commercial health clubs, athletic training centers, personal training studios and rehabilitation facilities.


Valuable Variety

ROPEFLEX products accommodate all fitness levels – from rehab to intermediate to elite. Known for their quality construction, U.S. manufacturing and long lasting durability, they offer novelty, versatility and results to exercisers, and ease of ownership to gym operators. 

Among our most popular products that add valuable variety to training floors: 


A favorite for military special forces, firefighters, police officers, athletes and MMA-Judo fighters, the Spartan Climber is a one-of-a-kind tread climber for the ultimate full-body, low-impact workout challenge. It combines incline work with endless rope training, controlled by ROPEFLEX’s progressive resistance on the tread and the rope. 

RX4400 at Maximum Ascend Angle

Exercisers can climb at a more user-friendly beginning angle of 50 degrees or go for the extreme at 55- and 60-degree angles. They can climb while pulling the rope or just concentrate on the legs while using the side and upper handrails. 

Plus, the new DSS Technology enables users to perform pulling exercises off the machine to focus more on the arms, core and back muscles. The standout RX4400 builds cardiovascular endurance and strength in an unmatched experience.  


Released in 2008, the first-ever attachable endless rope drum is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment to add to a gym. The RX2100 Adjustable Pulley System (APS) can be placed at the top of an upright on a rack or rig that is outfitted with two adjustable pulley systems for a full-body functional training station for individual or small group training workouts. The APS also can be placed on a wall with fixed pulleys at waist and ankle height, or set up as an outdoor station with the special weather-resistant version. This integrated system creates a powerful functional workout station for upper body, core and leg work at a minimal cost.


An unsung hero at ROPEFLEX, the RX505 is a full commercial friction rope-pulling machine that is a great entry product for exercisers to become familiar with rope training. With the RX505, just a small change in how the user grabs and pulls the rope changes the resistance from easy to medium to hard. Just like the RX2100-DSS, this cost-effective product can be added onto an adjustable pop-pin system on a rack to facilitate unlimited pulling angles. It also can sit at a fixed position on a beam or upright for vertical, horizontal and diagonal pulls.

RX505 with the pull pin J-hook style adapter


This stand-alone total-body workhorse comes in multiple versions – a single station, dual, and tri-station. With a compact footprint, the RX2500 works the back, legs, core and arms with a virtually unlimited number of pulling exercises. The longer rope and adjustable pulley system facilitate training at multiple angles, and adding a bench, BOSU Balance Trainer or stability ball multiplies the options even more.

Furthermore, the RX2500 and most ROPEFLEX machines can be enhanced with the exclusive, interactive Hipervision Fitness App. Designed as a training aid for single and group workouts, the app tracks results such as time, distance and more for one user up to 100. Exercisers can compete against each other and check out the visual bar graph to see who achieves the goal first. Workouts can be customized with adjustable time intervals and resting intervals. No other rope pulling company has a training tool like Hipervision, which is a great motivator and very affordable.

RX2500 with Hipervision Training System in a university athletic program  

Hipervision screen shots

One of a Kind

Leading the rope climbing training category since 2008, ROPEFLEX is proud to deliver high-quality, effective and innovative equipment that inspires performance and generates results. Add one – or more – to your facility today!

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