RX90 TOWER - The Pinnacle of Group Training

Revolutionize Your Fitness Space with the New RX90 Tower: The Ultimate Stand-Alone Training Station

Are you tired of navigating bulky gym equipment that eats up your floor space, costs a fortune, only accommodates one client, and has only one real use to it? ROPEFLEX together with StackTraxFitness has introduced the ultimate solution – the RX90 Tower, a stand-alone Training Station!

This ultimate stand-alone training station is designed to transform your fitness environment and maximize your members training experience. This groundbreaking innovation isn't just another piece of equipment; it's a versatile and dynamic platform created to maximize your training potential, whether you coach group classes or personalized training sessions. The RX90 Tower is the solution for training various levels of fitness, progressions and exercise modifications. 

Maximize Your Floor Space with the Stand-Alone Training Station

Gone are the days of cluttered workout spaces and isolated bulky fitness equipment. The ROPEFLEX RX90 Tower is an all-in-one solution, meticulously engineered to optimize your floor space. With a sleek design and compact footprint, this tower brings functionality without sacrificing the space you need for your fitness facility or your workout routine.


Versatility That Redefines Training Possibilities

What sets the RX90 Tower apart is its adaptability. Featuring anchor points on all four sides (totaling 16 anchor points), it offers unprecedented flexibility in setting up your training area. Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach – now you can customize your space with multiple compatible attachments and a variety of setup ideas. This means the tower can evolve with your training needs, catering to both individual workouts and group fitness sessions.

Installation Made Simple on Multiple Surfaces 

Flexibility isn’t limited to the exercises alone. The RX90 Tower is designed to adapt to different surfaces, whether it's wood, rubber flooring, or concrete surfaces. It’s easily installed, allowing you to set up your ultimate fitness haven in various locations without the hassle of adjusting to specific flooring types or needing wall space to attach the equipment. 

5 Station RX90 Tower setup at Lifetime Fitness

Unleash the Potential: How the RX90 Tower Enhances Your Fitness Journey

1. Group Classes Redefined: The RX90 Tower caters to group fitness instructors by offering a centralized hub for various workout stations. Its multiple anchor points enable simultaneous usage by multiple individuals, of all fitness levels, fostering a seamless and cohesive workout experience. The ultimate progression and regression tool for all movements and exercises. 

2. Personal Training Redefined: For personal trainers, the tower presents a game-changing tool. Customize and modify workouts efficiently for individual clients, enhancing their training experience with a wide array of exercise possibilities, creating a functional and dynamic training environment every time. 

3. Limitless Set-Up Ideas: Mix and match attachments, from an anchor handle for resistance bands to a detachable landmine. Maybe you want to attach the multi-bar for pull-ups or a balance bar, or even lock-in a RX505 Rope Drum for cardio, it’s all possible, and can all be done at the same time. The ROPEFLEX RX90 Tower allows for an endless array of workout possibilities. This adaptability lets you create a tailored environment, making every session unique and engaging.

Embrace the Future of Fitness with ROPEFLEX and StackTrax Fitness

In a world where space and adaptability are key, the ROPEFLEX RX90 Tower emerges as a groundbreaking solution, revolutionizing the way we approach workouts. 

Its innovation and versatility make it a must-have for fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, and group fitness instructors seeking a dynamic and efficient training space.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your fitness facility into a dynamic, multifunctional space. Maximize your floor space, redefine your workouts, and unleash the full potential of your training sessions with the ROPEFLEX RX90 Tower. Elevate your fitness game and take the leap into a new era of workout possibilities.

Experience the transformation today with the RX90 Tower.ROPEFLEX – where innovation meets functionality for your ultimate fitness journey. Learn more here!