ROPEFLEX has been the industry leader in the Endless Rope Training category for more than a decade starting at a time when functional training needed a solid exercise option to fit the needs of its customer base. This base has continued to grow where now almost every gym, trainer, school, physical therapy, as well as military and fire departments use “continuous rope pulling exercises” to supplement their training regimens.

The benefits of an Endless Rope Pulling Machine is more than just another basic exercise using a weight or other apparatus which uses a limited set of muscle groups during the motion. When using the constant gripping and regripping of the rope along with a self-adjusting Progressive Magnetic Resistance system, you get ALL muscle groups involved for Cardio, Strength and Stamina. At ROPEFLEX we have perfected the TOTAL-BODY 15 MINUTE WORKOUT!

Ropeflex machines, in any one of our multiple design configurations, will benefit everyone in your organization whether attracting new members or refreshing stale, old workouts for existing members.

HIPERVISION is the industry leading training app. Super affordable (purchase once with no recurring monthly fees) and easily installable on most of our products. HIPERVISION is the best tool to motivate an individual or help stimulate and educate your group, team, and club. Workouts can be modified by time for different circuits or use total feet pulled as a target. When used in a group setting, race against your teammates - place multiple units in the gym to have live races. HIPERVISION will keep track of individual workouts that day or over the past year.  Track the whole club, group and team for even more fun! 


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for iPhone in Racing Climb Mode, using our full metal, spring loaded phone bracket. Attach to any rack, rig, or wall.

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for iPad in Racing Graph Mode, using our full metal iPad enclosure. Attach to any rack, rig, or wall.

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for iPhone in Intervals Mode. Input rest time and number of rest stops for a fun, safe, and challenging workout.

Ever wonder if you could climb the Statue of Liberty? Well, it’s an intense 305 feet! Or maybe something like the Spartan Death Race Challenge to climb Mount Everest at 29,029 feet? NOW YOU CAN!! See our video at  

Our patented “PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE” system allows the machine to naturally change resistance levels without the need to change levers, saving time and assuring that the resistance level is at an optimum level. Resistance starts at 10 lbs and gradually increases up to as much as 200 lb. just by changing the intensity and speed of your pull. GREAT for smooth and controlled rehabilitation or senior use yet challenging enough to meet the demanding conditioning needs of Fire Departments, Sports Teams and Elite Athletes.

Ropeflex also offers two machines that use friction as the resistance mechanism. Friction is useful in achieving multiple resistance levels at a lower manufacturing cost. These units are extremely efficient, affordable and functional for many users.

The RX505 Drum with endless rope is our entry level unit with friction resistance that can be attached to about any upright post. Add our optional 2x2 post (attaches to your upright or wall) and adjustable pop-pin system for all upper, middle and lower pulling exercises. Go to our website for more details and pricing.

The DRAGON (RX1500) is the RX505 drum in a stand-alone configuration. With its small footprint the Dragon offers FULL BODY workout potential and can be purchased in a single drum version or as a dual drum version to challenge multiple users simultaneously.  Adjust the drum(s) to any position along the 7-foot rail for multiple pulling exercises and a really challenging workout.

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Friction mode endless-rope training drum

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Adjustable position RX505 on our stainless steel rail. Corner installation using 2x4 wood beam (not supplied)

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Stand-alone frame for up to 2 RX505 drums

“I recently purchased the RX505 system with pole [rail] and pop-pin adjustment. My basement had limited space so made a set-up to put in a corner. Now along with my few other functional training equipment items (dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls), the RX505 has quickly become the centerpiece for all my workouts. This includes up to 15 sets of 100 pulls at multiple angles for one of most challenging workouts I have ever put together. The Ropeflex RX505 was a tremendous addition to my home gym.  Richard Freedman- Trainer- VA”

Our most popular trainer is the RX2100. The rack-mountable design of the RX2100 can turn any tired old power-rack into a cutting edge, brand new piece of equipment. Its versatility and capabilities are unmatched when paired with the Adjustable Pulley System which adds multitudes of exercises like horizontal and bottom up pulls thanks to its 8 lockable positions. Best of all these benefits can be yours without using any floor space by simply attaching the RX2100 to existing hardware, like a rack or rig. 

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Attached to upright

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RX2100 RIG

Attached to RIG

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With Adjustable Pulley System

If you’re looking for a one size fits all trainer, the RX2500 is our expert choice. The RX2500 is perfect for athletes, students, fitness enthusiasts and even for injury or rehabilitation. The padded seat offers added stability and safety during workouts and is removable for wheelchair-accessibility. Just like on many other ROPEFLEX trainers our Progressive Resistance™ system adjusts to the needs of users of all fitness levels. For the RX2500, we offer Single Station units, Dual Station corner units, and Tri-Station group training units.

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With RXB2 BENCH add-on

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At Ropeflex, we are dedicated to helping you and your business minimize costs, maximize functionality and provide the latest and most effective workouts for your members, trainers and fitness enthusiasts. Call or email us TODAY with your questions and inquiries. We’re here to help!