We are in no support of sprint walking endlessly on a treadmill –unless you actually enjoy it, of course. Changing the speed and pressing a bunch of buttons can be a huge pain, which is why we usually promote the usage of ellipticals, bikes, rowers and rope trainers such as ROPEFLEX.

HIIT is hard work and it is fast. You don’t have time to press buttons and configure settings of your machinery. More importantly, it shouldn’t incorporate elements that are boring and let’s face it, treadmill time can get boring after some time. We’ve been there.

Since HIIT is supposed to be tough, choose a setting that is super-intense for your but not impossible and then start. You should be able to get on and get off asap so that you can jump to the next move.

To maximize your cardio and increase calorie burn, start off by sprinting on your stationary bike. Slowly increase the resistance of your stationary bike and make it more difficult for yourself to pedal.


Similarly, use the quick start option on your elliptical and increase your resistance.


And finally, finish your kick-ass routine with your rope trainer


Kill it and love it

If you hate it, you won’t stick to it. So find something that you enjoy doing and continue doing it. The best part about HIIT is that it is incredibly versatile and hardcore so you’ll keep carrying on until you’ve reached your intensity goals. Then you’ll have new goals. You will become an unstoppable machine.

HIIT is more challenging than traditional workout routines and  it takes less time. If you’re serious about your routine, we say go for it and prepare yourself for a seriously grueling workout.

If you’re bored you’ll suffer. However, if you indulge in a power-packed program, you will tax your muscles and enjoy it. It’s the good kind of pain that keeps you going until you reach exhaustion.