This mantra has been supported and enjoyed by many devoted Ropeflex users over the past 10 years.


Ropeflex units can engage all the muscle groups in your body while providing the benefits of both aerobic and isokinetic exercises. This activates your entire powerhouse and offers a potent cardio + resistance workout routine benefiting all users with one of the most time efficient workouts period!

Get a grip on Progressive Resistance

Only Ropeflex machines add Progressive Resistance to your routines. This patented magnetic braking system continuously adjusts from a beginning level of 10 lbs. to as much as 200 lbs. While pulling, this occurs dynamically without any mechanical levers to adjust by responding to speed and the intensity of your workout. This makes it simple and efficient for any user in any application: Rehab, Circuit Training, Functional Training, Athletic Performance and more.

Who is using ROPEFLEX

For the last 10 years our line of rope pulling machines have been incorporated into exercise programs for the military, Fire and Police departments. It has become a MUST HAVE in YMCA’s, Park and Recreational Centers, High School and College athletic programs. Ropeflex is incorporated into Physical Therapy programs and senior care facilities to target specific muscle groups and exercise the hands-arms-back in a controlled, safe and efficient manner. Ropeflex was proud to partner with Spartan Races and supply one of the course obstacles, an outdoor 12 station rope pulling rig. In July of 2018 Spartan group revived their 72 hour DEATH RACE in Vermont. This is by far one of the Toughest Races in the World. To complete the last leg of this grueling contest participants had to pull 30,000 feet of rope. Yes, 30,000 feet! A truly amazing endeavor for all that participated and finished this challenge. Ropeflex has been proven at the World Toughest Race (see video at

“I have been using Ropeflex machines for most of my Judo career and I can personally attest to their fantastic functionality. Not only do they provide an amazing pump to my biceps, they also work out my back- shoulders and core.”

-Marti Malloy   2 x Olympic Judo (Bronze 2012)

Utilizing ROPEFLEX

Any gym from a small personal training studio to a large franchise facility is always looking for a new space efficient piece of equipment to add, not only to improve results for existing users but to also attract new members. The Ropeflex line of trainers has this covered. With over 25 plus exercises our machines will be one of the most popular pieces on any gym floor. Our RX2100 - drum/rope is one of the most popular offerings from Ropeflex. This unit is the cornerstone for all the other machines that we manufacture. The RX2100 is easy to attach either to a support upright or crossbeam (up to 4” x 4” tubing). Many customers utilize an additional add-on pulley to increase options for horizontal and diagonal pulling exercises. To vary angles and different muscle groups, users can incorporate an FID bench or a stabilizer ball underneath the drum, adding multiple new exercises to any training routine. The true “GEM” in the Ropeflex line-up is the RX2500. This is a “FULL BODY” system. The drum is based on the top allowing for many upper-body pulls from standing or sitting positions, facing the post or facing away. The real benefit over other machines in this category is our adjustable middle to lower pulley positions which when combined with our longer rope more than doubles the exercises offered by others. Bottom pulley positions enable lower body exercises, using bottom up rope pulling techniques - pulling squats and single/double arm pulls to a sitting position on floor: in essence a rowing exercise.

When comparing features including:

• Number of exercise options

• Smaller than a treadmill footprint

• Soft-braided rope

• ADA compliance on most of our models

• Outdoor all weather rope trainers

• Single and multi-station options

• Bluetooth connectivity and a Hipervision training system

• 100% USA Made products

• Best price to feature ratio in the industry

Ropeflex is the obvious choice.

Ropeflex is the TOTAL PACKAGE machine, adding variety, strength, cardio and a core workout.