Anyone who’s embarked on a training regime knows all about the plateau. After a few weeks of the same routine, the results become less noticeable and the exercises no longer challenging or interesting. Mixing up your routine and keeping it fresh is the best way to keep going, but what can you do? Rope training with Ropeflex adds a new dimension to your workouts and can help breathe life back into your routine, with continuing results.

Read all about using Ropeflex training to boost your routine below.

The Novelty Factor

Exercise isn’t always the most enjoyable of tasks, which is why it’s good every now and then to introduce a more fun and challenging element to your workout. Rope training is unlike anything else you’d do at the gym, which will be sure to keep things interesting.

Practice Makes Perfect

Another reason why rope training is so challenging is that it takes time to get it right. The challenge of trying to master techniques and figure out the best way to exercise will keep things interesting for you, giving you something else to focus on so that you barely realize you’re working out.

Target Those Stubborn Areas

Training with Ropeflex is a tough exercise which will not only help you to workout your entire body, but help target those stubborn areas too. Whether you’re looking to tone your arms, legs, stomach or even tricky areas such as your back and shoulders, you can be sure that Ropeflex will add the additional element you need to get results.

More Creative Workouts

Ropeflex allows you to get creative with your workouts, and more so than other types of strength training. With the various combinations available from sitting down, standing to kneeling exercises, you won’t be running out of ways to vary your workout anytime soon.

Incorporate HIIT For An Even More Effective Workout

One of the most common complaints from people wanting to exercise is that there is not enough time to do so. This is why High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is becoming so popular – intense, effective workouts in a short amount of time. Design your rope workout to incorporate short circuits which work your entire body in a limited amount of time, ensuring more effective results and better fat burning, which will continue for hours after you’ve finished your workout.