Self-Propelled Motorless treadmill with curved surface for optimal stride path.
From distance runners training in the winter to runners rehabbing back to the pavement, Stroops Opticurve is the optimal running option.

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    The Stroops Opticurve brings the indoor running experience to a whole new level. This motorless treadmill allows you to run at your own pace, change speed, and stop at a moment’s notice. Don’t stress about an outlet for this treadmill. This motorless option opens up your possibility to bring the Opticurve wherever you would like without the need for an outlet.

    Tread’s built with heavy-duty, impact-absorbing slats, will relieve the stress in your joints allowing for a more comfortable run. Built with commercial-grade materials, the Opticurve is built to endure anywhere. From high-intensity sprint workouts to leisurely walks.

    The monitor features to-the-second variability to track your speed. With Polar HR monitor pairing for accurate and reliable heart rate tracking. This heavy-duty build doesn’t mean it’s a heavy-duty move. This treadmill packs all the quality of a commercial-grade piece with the versatility to smoothly transition to different areas in your gym without needing a full team.


    Weight242.5 lbs
    Dimensions30.3 × 64.5 × 64.6 in