We just hosted an event at the IHRSA, Fitness show in LA on March 11, 2015 and it was awesome!

Many fitness enthusiasts, athletes and novices tried out our amazing rope training equipment and we are happy to announce that they all loved it, and as promised, there were no disappointments.

ROPEFLEX is a California based company with customers from all around the world who truly respect the equipment and appreciate its benefits.

Participants mentioned that they got the ultimate full body workout with ROOEFLEX. Rope training is a workout designed to tax most muscle groups in the body, hence, the major soreness participants experienced after using ROPEFLEX. However, the pain just drove them to train harder with ROPEFLEX.

Participants of the event were amazed at how easy it was to use the equipment despite the workouts being super challenging. They couldn’t get enough of ROPEFLEX!

ROPEFLEX works your entire upper body: arms, chest, core, glutes and legs.

ROPEFLEX is an irreplaceable piece of equipment for an HIIT series. The machinery is easy to use with continuously adjusting progressive resistance which ensures that participants don’t have to stop midway to make any adjustments. The harder you pull, the more resistance you get and when you reduce the pressure on the rope, the machine adjusts automatically.

ROPEFLEX is designed to provide users with a fun yet challenging indoor and outdoor rope climbing workout and you can continue training for as long as possible. You can thank us for the sweet after burn later.

Functional in its core, rope training with ROPEFLEX helps improve stamina, boost strength and elevate your overall performance whether you’re on the mat, at the gym, on the field or running your everyday errands.